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Portability is the ability of an asset, application, or data to be transferred or used across different systems or platforms without significant modifications. In the context of cryptocurrencies, portability can be achieved by using a standard interface or protocol that allows the interoperability of different blockchain networks.

"Building Trust in the Digital Economy"

Reflects our commitment to building trust in the digital economy. We believe that trust is a very important foundation in facilitating the growth and adoption of digital technology in various sectors.


Amidst the unrelenting waves of change, we stand on the threshold of a futuristic and better future. We have a strong determination to create changes that inspire and take us to extraordinary new dimensions. With passion, we adopt the latest innovations and cutting-edge technologies to push the conventional boundaries. We understand that the future is not limited by the constraints of the past. Rather, it is a call for us to introduce revolutionary ideas and lead the changes that define this new era.


Phase 1

  • Looking for serious investors
  • Develop website
  • Launch on Binance Network
  • Marketing
  • Build a strong community
  • 1000 Telegram members
  • Listing on CMC & CG
  • 1000 Holders

Phase 2

  • Audit
  • Staking System
  • Marketing
  • 2000 Holders
  • Whitepaper V1 publication
  • Portability Swap
  • 5000 Telegram members

Phase 3

  • Launching Portability utilities
  • 5000 Holders
  • 10000 Telegram members
  • Give rewards to 10 Top Holders
  • Listing on Cex
  • Market expansion
  • Whitepaper V2 publication

Portability Will Be Listed on


Token holders can benefit by becoming a serious investor in Probability tokens or by taking advantage of the utility provided by the project ecosystem.



9% Buy

9% Sell


5% For marketing

2% Liquidity

2% Development

Binance Smart Chain

100% Safe & reliable

We understand how important trust is in the crypto ecosystem, and this audit is an important step in providing our users with assurance that their funds and assets are safe on our platform. We are committed to continuously improving our security by adhering to industry best practices and working closely with security experts to ensure robust protection against potential threats.

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